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We love some flavour!

For all sweet tooth lovers, this is the perfect coffee  fix for you.  Our coffee blends have the perfect balance of natural yet rich tasting flavours with a touch of sweetness.  We have a range of amazing tasting flavours for you to choose from (depending on your mood!).  More importantly, with people being more health conscious than ever, we’re proud to share that no preservatives, sugars or flavouring added to our coffee! 


Viaggio coffee chocolate

Strength: 8

Combined with the rich tones of our coffee, the chocolate and coffee combo creates a winning balance.  With a nice crema being complimented by the chocolate creaminess, this absolutely works!


Strength: 8

Infused with the coffees richness, this delivers a subtle yet sweet combo that has a gorgeous aroma to finish off.


Viaggio coffee caramel

Strength: 8

The perfect flavour that fits all combination.  The slightly sweeter tasting flavour combination delivers a smooth and rich taste giving you the perfect balance to enjoy.

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