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we like our coffee strong

Are you someone that loves bold, rich, strong tones when enjoying your favourite brew? Our coffee delivers a naturally great taste that derives from the farms of South America and Africa.  Our coffee intensity and strengths vary giving you the options to select your desired coffee intensity. 

If you know what you are looking for, why not work your way through our coffees and explore something new! Alternatively, if you’re not quite sure then you’re in the right place! We can help talk you through the different types that we would recommend.  Typically for new coffee drinkers, we would recommend that on the strong roast spectrum you start off with a strength 12, which would be at the beginning of our strong roast, and work your way up to 14 our strongest.   


Viaggio coffee Fortissimo

Strength: 14

An exclusive blend that combines the strength of unwashed Robustas with the sweetness of South American Arabica beans


Viaggio coffee intenso

Strength: 12

A strong blend created by mixing naturally processed Arabica from South America with a selection of exclusive Robustas beans from Asia and East Africa.

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