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Viaggio’s sustainability mission

Driven by sustainability initiatives, we have set ourselves targets for positive contribution towards the livelihoods local farmers and communities and ensuring that every step in our process carries the sustainability stamp whilst delivering high ethical standards.

Viaggio are committed to supplying customers with great tasting, premium coffee whilst preserving its natural qualities in capsules.  We’ve found that there is a common misconception that people believe that capsules cannot be recycled however, our capsules are 100 percent recyclable aluminium high quality and sustainable packaging.

The Viaggio commitment to social sustainability

We believe in the well-being of our farmers and providing a highly ethical and sustainable way of living that takes into consideration the welfare of our workers.  Wherever we source our beans from, we carry a strong commitment around making sure that our workers are not exploited .. 

The Viaggio commitment to environmental sustainability

In the beginning, amongst ensuring that we deployed an ethical standard across the board with our coffee from farm to the end product, we questioned how else we could positively push ourselves to stay true to our sustainability commitment.  Examining our entire chain from coffee bean to cup, what happens to our capsules once they are used and how we can contribute to the correct disposal of our capsules.



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